Metal Spinning Videos

Baffle Ring Manufacturing

This baffle ring was manually-spun from cold rolled steel.

CNC Spinning of Stand Base

Metal spinning of a base, made from 1/8″ cold rolled steel.

CNC Metal Spinning of Cone

A 45° cone made from 14 gauge cold rolled steel. This was spun in one stroke in the Syracuse, NY facility.

CNC Spinning of a Stainless Steel Necked Hemisphere

14 gauge stainless steel formed through the metal spinning process.

Heavy Gauge CNC Spinning of a Porsche Wheel Hub

A Porsche wheel hub was spun from .125″ thick hot rolled steel.

Wire Coiling Dish Manufacturing & Completed Wire Coiling Dish

This coiling dish collects wire and was manually-spun from .01″ aluminum.

Water Jet Cutting Videos

Nylon Strap Cut on Water Jet Table

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