Hy-Grade Metal Products has been providing metal spun parts since 1918. Our experience and knowledge of the spinning process, combined with the use of CNC equipment, make us a leader in the industry.

This inlet cone is used in the HVAC units of rail cars. It is essentially an air flow director for the units fan. Using 1100 aluminum, these part were sheared, circled, spun and machined to tolerances of as low as +/-.005”. After fabrication, parts are powder coated according to PSU-433-01, with a Tiger Drylac 38/91020 anodize silver topcoat.

These inlet cones have outside diameter of 12.050”, an inside diameter of 7.990” and an overall height of 2.230”. A bolt circle is machined into the offset ring after forming. Parts are visually and dimensionally inspected during the process to insure a consistent finish and the rings are to spec. We will typically provide 40-50 of these items per run. Lead times are within 4 weeks.

You can find out more information on these glare reducer assemblies below or you may contact Hy-Grade Metal by phone (315-475-4221) or email us.

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aluminum-inlet-cone-angle aluminum-inlet-cone-flat

Inlet Cone Fabrication Properties and Highlights

Product Name
Inlet Cone
Product Description
Used as an airflow director for HVAC purposes
Industry of Use
Rail Car Industry
Capabilities / Processes
Circle/Rotary Shearing
Hole Making
Equipment Used for Manufacture
Circle/Rotary Shear
Spinning Lathe
Turning Center
Material Used for Manufacture
1100 alloy Aluminum
Overall Dimensions
12.050" O.D.
7.990" I.D.
2.230" height
Tightest Tolerances
+/- .005"
Raw Spun Finish
Powder coat according to PSU-433-01
Tiger Drylac 38/91020 Anodize Silver 
In Process Testing / Inspection Perfomed
Material inspection/Gauge inspection
Dimensional inspection
Visual inspection
40 – 50 pieces per run
Turnaround Time
4 weeks to make tooling and order quantity
Parts are complete and ready for ship when needed at 25 per month
Delivery Location
Syracuse, NY – U.S.A
Standards Met
Per Customers Specifications
ISO 2768-cK