Hy-Grade Metal Products is a world class metal spinning company located in Syracuse, New York. We are a sheet metal fabricator specializing in metal spinning. Hy-Grade is typically a job shop. We have been in business since 1918 which makes Hy-Grade the oldest metal spinning company in New York State and one of the oldest in the United States. Hy-Grade is well known throughout the Northeast for its ecclesiastical goods, HVAC parts, and its ability to manufacture hard to construct metal spun parts.

To meet the demand for higher accuracy and quicker turnaround, we use newer technology such as CNC Spinning Lathe, Circle Shear, and Visual Jobshop computer software. Hy-Grade’s employees are well-trained and educated in the art/skill of metal spinning. We are divided into four major staffing areas: sheet metal prep and finishing, press working, metal spinning, and metal trimming. This enables Hy-Grade to bring the 200-year-old craft of metal spinning into the 21st century. It also gives Hy-Grade a firm hold in the metal spinning marketplace and insures its future growth and development in the manufacturing community.

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